16 Strange Superstitious Beliefs In Different Countries Around The World

strange superstitious beliefs

As we grow up, we have heard a lot of strange superstitious beliefs from our friends and family. From Asia to the countries up north, they all have different beliefs when it comes to luck. If you avoid doing those, they believe that you will only have good fortune and luck run to you. Some of these beliefs related to animals while others relate to objects around. Let’s travel to different countries with us today and see what their beliefs are. Let us know if you know more about these superstitious beliefs.


In Turkey, it is believed that chewing gum at night will damage your skin.


If you sing at the dining table in the evening in the Netherlands, it is considered to be bad luck. That is because the belief is that singing at night is like singing for the evil spirits.


Seeing someone or you yourself carrying an empty bucket is bad luck in Russia. They believe so because their ancient King, Tsar Alexander II was murdered by a person who carried an empty bucket.


People in Egypt believe that owls are the birds that bring bad luck.


Meanwhile in Denmark, people keep on collecting the pieces of broken plates and glasses for the whole year. When the new year celebration comes, they throw those broken pieces on their friends or family. This is the belief of tightening the friendship and relationship between people to become closer.


Back to Egypt again, using paper to cut nothing while you’re bored is bad luck. They believe that doing cutting the air equals cutting the evil spirits that are flying in the air. And they will get mad and throw bad lucks to you.


SZ 深圳香格里拉大酒店 Shangri-La Hotel Shenzhen lift button panel April 2016 DSC 02
image: Wikimedia Commons
You might be aware of this, but number 4 is a very bad and unlucky number in China. That is because the pronunciation of this number is similar to the word ‘death’. More than that, you won’t find any 4th floor in the elevator in most buildings in China at all. There are only floors 1, 2, 3, and up to 5 and so on. Floor number 4 is like the floor to hell or bad luck, they are so serious about this.


In South Korea, sleeping in a room alone with a fan nearby can kill you. They called it ‘Fan Death’, and this belief was widespread back in the 1920s and 1930s. Today, the belief is described to prevent kids and adults from hypothermia.


Vermont window brick
image: Wikimedia Commons
It is normal to build a house with non-straight design windows in Vermont, the United States. They believe that such a design won’t allow the witches and bad spirits to fly through the window.


In Spain along with Spanish-speaking countries as well as Greece, Tuesday 13th is the unlucky day. Tuesday is the day dominated by the influence of Ares, the god of war.


And if you go to Italy, the unlucky day is Friday 17th.


Back to Asia, cutting your nails on Tuesday and Saturday night in India will bring bad luck to you. You also shouldn’t wash your hair on those two days, and the belief is the same.


Whether it is true or not, if you kill a spider in Finland, it will rain the next day.


They say if you leave your wallet or purse on the floor in Brazil is bad luck because you will lose your money.


In Senegal, you shouldn’t tell your travel plan to anyone at all. If you do, that plan will have obstacles that prevent you from going.


In the US and Canada, ‘stepping on a crack will break your mother’s back’. You might have heard about the poem before, and it is actually their belief in North America.


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