15 Funny Revenge On Cheaters As A Lifetime Lesson


There are many ways to treat cheaters or liars, but these 15 funny revenge on cheaters here are hilariously harsh. What would you do if someone lies or cheats on you? Most of you might just let those bastards go. However, some people here won’t let them slide off easily. It might be a waste of time to revenge those jerks, but it’s worth it. Take a look at some pictures below, and you will see how the revenges work. Some are funny while the others are beyond expectation. You will get the idea.


Isn’t that a friendly welcome sign for the cheater?


I guess one of the best ways to teach a cheater a listen is washing is Play Station.


3 kids and still cheats, well that serves him right.


People simply walked by and took photos of his car. Guess she was worth it.


I heard that she used their joined bank account for that huge banner. Everyone drove by saw that very clearly.


This is a Japanese girlfriend who dumb all her boyfriend’s Apple products into the bathtub. That included his MacBook, iPad(s), iPhone(s), and many more. She tweeted the photo on her account, and it simply went viral. Can’t imagine how her cheating boyfriend felt for that.


She slashed all of his 4 tires, and spray painted those on his car.


I’m wondering who got those nuts for free.


Now the whole world knows that Scott Kelly has small package!


That is pretty harsh.

funny revenge on cheaters


At least she knew that the car didn’t do anything in the cheating process. She was smart to did that though.

funny revenge on cheaters


A simple phrase every girl uses on cheaters.

funny revenge on cheaters


That is painful and funny at the same time. I hope he remembered those places and won the game.

funny revenge on cheaters


That is a nice farewell.

funny revenge on cheaters


One word, savage.

funny revenge on cheaters