15 Dangerous Beaches That You Should Think Twice Before Visiting

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Beach is one of the places to go when it comes to summer and vacation. However, there are some dangerous beaches out there that you might want to know. By knowing the dangerous beaches to avoid, you will be able to stay safe and enjoy your vacation comfortably. You wouldn’t want to spend your arm or feet in summer, right? This article is absolutely helpful, trust me. I will tell you where sharks love to hang around the most, or where sea current love pulling tourists’ legs the most. Don’t get me wrong, I just want to inform the dangerous beaches only. All you need to do is be extra careful if you visit there. Check out the list, stay alert, and enjoy your vacation!

1. New Smyrna Beach, Florida

dangerous beaches
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Many shark attacks occur here for a decade already, and shark attacks ain’t fun. The chance of you getting high five with shark’s jaws is so high in the sea there. This beach is beautiful and perfect for sunbathing, but don’t go too deep in the water.

2. Fraser Island, Australia

Fraser Island a03 indian head
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As we all know, there are many dangerous animals in Australia. If you don’t mind swimming with sharks and venomous jellyfish, the beach is perfect for you. Oh, there is strong rip currents there, too. Not to mention saltwater crocodiles and some more dangerous creatures with beautiful jaws, that eat people.

3. Playa Zipolite, Mexico

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I don’t speak Mexican, but I know that Playa Zipolite means The Beach of The Dead in the language. Do you know why the beach has such nice name? Rip currents my friends, rip currents. Apart from that, the beach and the whole place is great for backpackers, nudists, and sunbath lovers.

4. Kilauea Beach, Hawaii

Punaluu Black Sand Beach, Hawaii, USA8
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Black sand is beautiful, and Hawaii is full of amazing beaches and landscapes. However, there are also some dangerous beaches. Just so you know, Kilauea Beach is right next to an active volcano. The last time the volcano erupted was in 1983, pick the right day okay?

5. Gansbaai Beach, South Africa

dangerous beaches
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White sands and beautiful cliffs is a great fun to discover, except the water. If you step a little bit too deeper in the sea, you might enter shark town. Great White Sharks. Since the place is full of fur seals that are amazing food for the sharks, they all gather here.

6. Shenzhen Beach, China

dangerous beaches
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There are no sharks, jellyfish, or rip currents here. But there are too many people visit the beach. Also, drowning reports are a lot in this area mostly children and young teens. Too crowded to pay attention to the kids, and you might find it hard to relax and enjoy sunbathing there.

7. Chowpatty Beach, India

Polluted Beach of Mumbai. Girgaum Chowpaty. Maharashtra, India. (1)
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Not every beach is beautiful, for example, Chowpatty Beach. This is the mos polluted beach in the world, and you will find every type of trash there. There is an Hindu festival celebrated annually by the residents there. After that, you will find the beach full of scraps, waste, disposal, debris, and more. Why dangerous beach? Because it is unsafe to swim, to sunbath, and to hang around. And you will never know what you will find there.

8. Schitovaya Bukhta, Russia

dangerous beaches
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If you are a surfer, this is the place for you. However, you need to make sure that are allowed to surf there before bringing your surfboard into the water. Not far from the beach, there is a military base with restricted military facilities. Nuclear submarines are also there which means radiation leak is also there for you as well. In case you don’t mind nuclear radiation, simply as for the permit to surf and you’re free to ride the waves.

9. Heard Island, Antarctica

dangerous beaches
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There is nothing like sharks or jellyfish here, but it is way too cold in the area. Surfing will be extremely fun if the cold doesn’t bother you anyway. It is not just cold, it is dangerously cold because the place is surrounded by ice. If you still want to surf there, the chance of getting hypothermia is also high. I googled it, and hypothermia means the decrease of temperature in your body for staying too long in cold places. That is bad news to get hypothermia.

10. North Sentinel Island, Andaman Islands

dangerous beaches
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Somewhere in India, there is this breathtakingly beautiful island with great beach and view that you should never visit. There is this group of native people living there, and they have no interest in outsiders. How do we know? Well, Indian government did try to contact and build good friendship with them. They brought coconuts and domestic animals, but the result was not as expected. I guess the natives have different ways of greeting.

dangerous beaches
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They said hi with their flaming arrows, so the relationship building ended there. Each arrow is about 2.5 meters in length. No one can ever visit there before being shot by the arrows, so please don’t try.

11. Staithes Beach, UK

dangerous beaches
image: David Jones

The beach is in Yorkshire, and it has polluted waters that is unpleasant to hang around. If you insist to swim there, you might get the chance to have ecoli, acute diarrhea, meningitis, hepatitis, and more. Swim safe, swimmers!

12. Southern Mindanao Islands, Philippines

Philippinen mindanao boot ph06p73
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Tourists love to explore new places, and there is nothing wrong about that. However, don’t venture too far to the Southern Mindanao Islands. It is not safe due to to crimes, kidnaps, and even pirates. Oh yes, pirates still exist.

13. Hanakapiai Beach, Hawaii

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Even if you’re a good swimmer, the strong sea riptides can drag you into the sea without returning. You can see the sign that shows how many visitors have killed by the sea currents. Look! Extra space, too.

14. Amazon Beaches, South America

dangerous beaches
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There is nothing exciting about swimming with the chance of meeting piranhas, anacondas, or electric eels, okay? Amazon is full of dangerous animals with sharp teeth that bite anything off you in a heartbeat. Don’t swim there, just don’t.

15. Bikini Atoll, US Marshall Islands

dangerous beaches
image: Wikipedia

Sharks are already dangerous enough, and there is also this nuclear radiation in the area as well. There were more than 20 nuclear weapons tests there some decades ago, and you know the effects of nuclear. If you want to go there, just swim your local pool instead just in case. It is better to stay safe than risking your life trying to swim for a couple of hours.

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