15 Cool Small Tattoo Symbols And Their Meanings

small tattoo symbols
image: Роксана Шерр

The best way to begin tattoos is with small tattoo symbols. If you are looking for some cool ideas for your first tattoos, then this might be helpful. There are many things that you can think of when it comes to inking. From quotes to numbers and pictures, the variety of choices are countless. But these symbols here are totally awesome, and you might want to have them inked on your body. You can have them with small or medium size, in either color or black just the way you want. I bring 15 of the small tattoo symbols with their meanings for you to decide, so take a look!


image: Alex Timo

The tattoo that is well-known among sailors as well as tough people is the anchor. The meaning of this tattoo is to stay strong no matter how hard life pushes you. Just like a ship, once it drops its anchor, nothing can take it anywhere.

2Copper Symbol

image: lunie

Here we have the alchemy symbol of copper, looks awesome doesn’t it? And it has great meaning with the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite as well. The symbol also represents beauty, femininity, and creativity of the goddess herself.


We’re talking about the strength, patience, determination, love, and loyalty here. An elephant is the strongest and biggest animal on land, and the tattoo simply indicates your ability to overcome any obstacles. If you are meant to be strong, be strong like an elephant.


image: Lisa Marie

Feather tattoo is the classic and beautiful tattoo with a lot of different meanings. The feather shows your free spirit and the desire to achieve anything you want to. It somehow also shows the sweet and soft feminine side as well. The placement of this tattoo is pretty much anywhere you like from your back to your finger or ankle.


image: tumblr

You know you like this tattoo if you are a badass. Skull is a cool and powerful tattoo that shows people ‘thou shall not mess with me’.


This was my very first tattoo, and a swallow tattoo has incredible meaning. In traditional American tattoo, a swallow was absolutely popular among sailors as the meaning of ‘always find their way’. Swallow also represents traveling, honesty, and love which is why it is the perfect choice for tattoo.

7The Ankh

image: Kat M

Take a look at this awesome Egyptian symbol of life. Simple but cool, you might like it on your finger or your hand.

8The Caduceus

image: Pump Peelz

Does this look familiar? Yes, it is the symbol that you may find in medical places like pharmacies and hospital. The Caduceus is the symbol of good health, while the wings represents the fastness and wit of Greek God Hermes. It is pretty awesome, this is the good choice if you are into Greek culture.

9The Gibu Auja

image: Richelle

This is the Rune symbol back in the fifth century, ancient but gold I shall say. It is the symbol of luck that brings good fortune to those who have it. Since it looks cool and classic, I would have one someday.

10The Greek Word Meraki

If you are a very creative person who always put your heart into something you do, this is your tattoo. The fact that it is written in Greek is one thing, and it represents passion is another cool thing.

11The Latin Phrase

image: LaRue

‘Ad Astra Per Aspera’ means Through Difficulties To The Stars, and it is meaningful. Life has a lot of hiccups in it, but at the end of the day we will reach our goal which is the stars.

12The Malin Symbol

You can turn the arrow to any destination you like, and this Swedish symbol still says setbacks are natural part of life.

13The Vegvisir

small tattoo symbols

I wouldn’t call this small since it takes some space on the skin, but you can shrink its size. It is the symbol of compass in Icelandic culture, that means you will never lose your way. This is such a cool compass to have, I would recommend this. It suits both male and female as well.


image: fabulousdesign

It is the tattoo with deep meaning, and it is also the popular symbol among Eastern philosophy as well. As you can see, the two parts complete each other which means you have to balance things to achieve something. This is either good for first tattoo of yourself or with a best friend.

15Zia Sun Symbol

image: Reddit

Sun is already meaningful, but with its ray shines to all 4 destinations like that makes it even more awesome. This tattoo is to remind that you can shine wherever you go, you just have to believe in yourself. No matter if you are a confident or insecure person, this symbol is just right for both.


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