15 Biggest Active Volcanoes In The World Today That Might Erupt Again

Erupting Mountain Volcano Mt Merapi Full Moon

The biggest active volcanoes are the most fearsome thing among natural disasters. There are many active volcanoes in the world today, approximately more than 1,500 of them. By active, that means the chance of eruption from those volcanoes can be any day. Except we don’t know when, because volcanoes are different from storms and earthquakes. Unfortunately, they show very little sign before eruption like small earthquake them beneath which is difficult to know. Also, another sign is the inflation of swelling of the volcano itself which means it is likely to blow.

Well, you might ask how do the experts if the volcanic is still active. There are certain things that let us know that the volcano might explode again like gas emissions every now and then. Moreover, unusual earthquakes are both sign that the volcano is active and going to erupt. Also, some volcanoes are so obvious you can see smoke from the distance, and lava if you fly above them. That is not that difficult to notice. But, it is also good to know what volcanoes are still active. That is easier for you to take cautions when you go around the places with dormant volcanoes.


Some of these volcanoes erupted hundreds of years before. However, that does not mean it stops erupting. There is always chance that it might go erupt again, we just don’t know when. So, it is better to know what and where these volcanoes are. Let’s take a look at these 15 active volcanoes, and see where they are together.

1. Bagana

biggest active volcanoes
image: VolcanoHotspot

Where: Papua New Guinea
Elevation: 1,750 m
Last Eruption: 2007

2. Erebus

Mount Erebus 6
image: Wikimedia Commons
Where: Antarctica
Elevation: 3,794
Last Eruption: 2011

3. Erta Ale

Panorámica del volcán Erta Ale 02
image: Wikimedia Commons
Where: Northeastern Ethiopia
Elevation: 613 m
Last Eruption: 2009

4. Kilauea

biggest active volcanoes
image: mybrainsociety

Where: Hawaii
Elevation: 1,247 m
Last Eruption: 3rd January, 1983

5. Langila

Pu'u 'O'o 2010-01-19
image: Wikimedia Commons
Where: Papua New Guinea
Elevation: 1,330 m
Last Eruption: 2009

6. Mauna Loa

biggest active volcanoes
image: Rolli Hotels

Where: Hawaii
Elevation: 4,169 m
Last Eruption: 15th April, 1984

7. Mount Etna

Mt Etna and Catania
image: Wikimedia Commons
Where: Between Messina and Catania City, Italy
Elevation: 3,350 m
Last Eruption: 16th March, 2017

8. Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji from Hotel Mt Fuji 1994-11-29
image: Wikimedia Commons
Where: Southwest of Tokyo, Japan
Elevation: 3,776 m
Last Eruption: 16th December, 1707

9. Mount Tambora

biggest active volcanoes
image: carauntukblog

Where: Indonesia
Elevation: 2,850 m
Last Eruption: 1967

10. Mount Semeru

Semeru Bromo Temple
image: Wikimedia Commons
Where: East Java, Indonesia
Elevation: 3,676 m
Last Eruption: 2015

11. Mount Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius, Capri and Maddaloni
image: Wikimedia Commons
Where: Italy
Elevation: 1,281 m
Last Eruption: March 1944

12. Piton de la Fournaise (Peak of the Furnace)

Piton de la Fournaise 1981 eruption2
image: Wikimedia Commons
Where: Reunion
Elevation: 2,632 m
Last Eruption: January, 2017

13. Sakurajima

Kagoshima cityscape against the background of Sakurajima volcano. Japan, East Asia
image: Wikimedia Commons
Where: Kyushu, Japan
Elevation: 1,117 m
Last Eruption: 5th February, 2016

14. Santa Maria

 biggest active volcanoes
image: www.orangesmile.com

Where: Guatemala
Elevation: 3,772 m
Last Eruption: 22nd August, 2013

15. Turrialba Volcano

 biggest active volcanoes
image: Bernal Saborio

Where: Central Costa Rica
Elevation: 3,340 m
Last Eruption: 7th December, 2016

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