15 Animals That Don’t Have Eyes But Still Can Live

animals that don't have eyes

It is a difficult thing for people to live without seeing things, but some creatures are born to live that way. There are animals that don’t have eyes, and they still can live in the wild without a problem. It can be either the curse or the gift, and it can both for those poor things to live but not to see the nature.

You will find 15 incredible animals that don’t have eyes in the list down below. They might not be able to see, but some of them are great hunters which is kind of amazing to know. Let’s check them out and see if you are familiar with any of these animals without eyes here.

1Blind Albino Cave Crab

Most blind animals are usually found in dark areas and caves, and so is this one. This type of animal that is both blind and albino, and you can find them in the caves of Jameos del Agua. The interesting part is that it is the animal symbol of the island of Lanzarote. Oh, and they are squat lobsters that look like crabs with the name of the crab while they are not crabs.

2Blind Huntsman Spider

image: Pinterest

This is the first eyeless spider to be found in the history, and it has shook a lot of people with surprise. We all know that spiders are born with a lot of eyes, the difference makes it super fascinating. The uniqueness does not end here, they are also less venomous and non-aggressive to human as well. Eyeless Huntsman were first discovered in a cave in Laos, still their population is still quite low nowadays.

3Blind Legless Lizard

image: Pinterest

Being blind is already an unfortunate thing, and this species is born without legs which is an extra curse. Each blind animal has their own gifted skill, and this one is born with sharp sense of smell. They feed on worms, termites, and ants, and their noses are the GPS that lead them to food.

You can find them in Cambodia around Cardamom mountain region. Blind Legless Lizards are the first species of their kind, and it is one of the best discoveries in animal species.

4Brazilian Blind Characid

image: Pinterest

The combination of blindness and relation to piranhas makes this fish an unpleasant creature to see. Unfortunate enough, there have been villagers in Brazil found them while drawing water from the local wells. No harm was done, but there are things that this blind predators could have done and will do.

5Freshwater Hydra

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The interesting about freshwater hydra is that it comes with stinging cells in its tentacles. These cells react to light, and the tentacles has the role to catch prays as well as provide self-defense. The interesting thing about them is that they are biologically immortal which means they don’t age at all. Since they are considered as pest in aquariums, their existence is not as fascinating at all actually.

6Kauai Cave Wolf Spider

image: Pinterest

This type of spider is not only eyeless but also not harmful to people as well. You can only find them in caves on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai since they are very rare and endangered. Since they don’t have eyes, these spiders move and hunt using their sense or touch along with ability to notice vibrations.

They can hunt in pitch-black caves skillfully, and their hunting tactics are a bit creepy. Well, just because they don’t have eyes doesn’t mean Kauai Cave Wolf Spiders will stay in one place and build web. If they sense pray, they will run after the victims and seize them with their big teeth. It works every time, and let’s just don’t imagine them hunting with eyes.

7Kentucky Shrimp

Found in Kentucky, this type of shrimp is the eyeless and troglobite shrimp that lives in caves. Their bodies are almost transparent, and they have no pigement to bring colors to the bodies at all. Nowadays, they are endangered, and their common habitats are in caves in Barren County, Edmonson County, Hart County, Warren County in Kentucky.

8Madagascar Blind Snake

image: Pinterest

Obviously from Madagascar, this blind snake can be easily confused with worms. The unique thing about them is that they are the only snakes that eat insects as food such as ants and termites. How they find food? Their great sense of smell.

Another great thing is they are phototaxic which means they avoid light exclusively when they are already blind. When brought to the surface, the snake immediately tries to burrow back to the underground. They can grow as long as 25 centimeters, and their head and tail look pretty much the same.

9Mexican Tetra


The sad truth about Mexican Tetra is that they do grow eyes when they were an embryo. As they reach their full development, the flesh covers those eyes which leave them blind for the rest of their lives. They usually dwell in caves and pools with sandy and rocky bottoms. They eat anything they can find, touch, and wrap their mouth around. What can we say, they don’t have eyes so they eat pretty much everything to survive.


What makes this cute little creature interesting is their way of life. Unlike other amphibians, Olm sleeps, feeds, and even reproduce underwater. They dwell in dark caves, and they pray on snails, insects, and little crabs. Olm breathes through their gills, and their lifespan can go as long as 100 years.

11Penis Snake

image: Pinterest

I’m sorry, but you can never unseen this. Penis snake has been in our list once already in ugliest animals in the world. Here it comes again in the list of eyeless animals today. Since their eyesight is lacking, penis snakes move and hunt primarily through smell. Penis snakes feed on worms, small fish, and other aquatic invertebrates that they can find.

12Southern Cave Crayfish

image: Pinterest

Yes, this type of crayfish are born without eyes to see. However, they can live and hunt normally in their environment. As they lack of the ability to see, Southern Cave Crayfish is gifted with since of touch and smell. They feed on insects and fish, and their lifespan is as long as 176 years or even longer.

13Star-Nosed Mole

Known for the ability to dig and live underground, star-nosed mole can grow and live just like other animals with eyes. Instead of seeing the world with eyes like us, they see with their snout. Their star-like nose plays a huge part in their daily living activities like digging, finding food, and moving.

You might see two little things on their snouts that resemble eyes, but they’re not. Those are nostrils. The snout functions as the radar that sense food, prey, and other movements nearby. Star-nose moles are so sensitive and quick, and their way of living is very interesting as well.

14Texas Blind Salamander

This type of salamander is kinda cute, isn’t it? Those little red gills make it look like a mini dragon of some fantasy movies. You can only find them in one location, the San Marcos Pool in Texas. Their courses of food can be varied, but the possible choices on the menu are snails, amphipods, and blind shrimps. Yup, the blind eats the blind.

15Widemouth Blindcat

image: Pinterest

Don’t let the name confuse you, it is the freshwater fish not a cat at all. Just like most blind animals in our list, widemouth blindcat literally eat anything it can catch. They are born with a responsive lateral line that allows them to sense motions and vibrations in their environment. Not to mention that it is known as the top predator in their habitat.


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