14 Strongest Animals In The World Based On Their Weight And Strength


Not all big animals are strong, the small ones have their strength too. So let’s discuss about the strongest animals in the world today, shall we? You might think that elephants are the strongest animals because they are so big and heavy. As a matter of fact, this might be true. However, you might look over other smaller animals that have about the same strength. That is why I bring you the list of strongest animals in the world today. Take a look at the list below and let us know if you think there are more strongest animals that you know.

1. Anaconda

Anaconda (Eunectes murinus)
image: Wikimedia Commons
You don’t arms or any body limbs to be strong if you are an anaconda. This type of reptiles have strong body muscle that can squeeze human or the prey to death easily. No matter how many limbs their prey has or how big they are, that is not a problem. As long as their size and weight are about the same, then killing is just a piece of cake.

2. Blue Whale

Large Blue Whale Off Southern California Coast Photo D Ramey Logan
image: Wikimedia Commons
They are strong because they have incredible muscle strength that allows them to move in the water. With the weight of above 200 tons, do you know much courage and energy they need to move? In the water? With just their tail? Yup, blue whales are among the strongest.

3. Dung Beetle

strongest animals in the world
image: Andi Gentsch

Let’s see why dung beetles are the strongest animals with that body size which we squeeze. They are small just like other insects out there. But the fact that they can pull things 1,141 their body weight is not something anyone can do. If human can do that, it is like we can pull 6 double-decker buses with people in them. We can’t do that, so let’s just give the place to the dung beetles.

4. Eagle

strongest animals in the world
image: Pexels

Not only among the strongest animals, but also the strongest birds in birds kingdom. Eagle has the powerful claws that allow them to lift their prey and fly without a problem. They can lift food or object that are 4 times heavier than their body weight. This is impressive.

5. Elephant

strongest animals in the world
image: Pixabay

As you can see, our ancestors have used elephants a lot of in the construction of places especially in Asia. Elephants are the strongest mammals and land animals as we all know. They can carry people and other objects as well pull the objects that weight up to 9,000 kilograms. Some of us take them for granted, and not many of us appreciate how helpful they are us. Human are so bad sometimes.

6. Gorilla

strongest animals in the world
image: Pixabay

Gorillas have the strong muscles that allow them to life objects that are as heavy as 2000 kilograms. No doubts why they can kill human with their simple powerful slaps. The object that their ability allows them to carry is more than 10 times of their body weights. I believe we have some strong people that can do that as well. So this might not be a surprise.

7. Grizzly Bear

Grizzly bear on a rock overlooking
image: Wikimedia Commons
Most bears are strong, we all know that. Their paws are not something you want to play around with if they a grown bear, unless you’re Mowgli. They can lift an object as heavy as 500 kilograms. But bears are nice, they eat honey and plants. They only eat animals or people if they are unfortunate enough to make themselves the food. Don’t get slapped by a bear, or any bear.
Scary Fact: the grizzly bear has a bite that strong enough to crush a bowling ball.

8. Leafcutter Ant

Hitchiking leafcutter ant
image: Wikimedia Commons
All ants are strong actually, but the strongest of them all is leafcutter ant. Their source of strength is their powerful jaws. They use those jaws to cut leaves, and carry them to the nest to build more things. Those jaws alone can carry leaves and other objects that are 50 times their body weight. And in this picture you can see the ant is carrying both the leaf and their buddy. Admit it, most of us can’t even lift a laptop using our teeth let alone something 50 times heavier. Salute to the ants.

9. Lion

A lion hunting
image: Wikimedia Commons
Lions are not the king of jungle for nothing. They have strong limbs, strong jaws, and even loud roar, and they also look good. It is like having everything to be perfect as a man, so unique and rare. A lion can run as fast as 80 km/h, and their bite is so powerful with the force of 600 pounds.

10. Ox

strongest animals in the world
image: Pixabay

Eventually, animals like ox, buffalo, or cow are naturally strong for they can pull things that heavier than their body. It is just ox is way more tough and strong compare to the animals of their relatives. If the object is about 900 kilograms, they can easily pull it without even try. They are that strong, yes.

11. Python

strongest animals in the world
image: Barcroft TV

Not different from an anaconda, a python can squeeze to suffocate and break the prey’s bones easily. You might have seen a lot of animals and people that were unfortunate enough to be a python’s food. That was the like the worst death ever to be squeezed, and swallowed whole right after. Pythons get stronger as they grow longer and bigger, and they are not afraid to attack creatures larger than them. For example, this crocodile.

12. Rhinoceros Beetle

Three-horned rhinoceros beetle (Chalcosoma moellenkampi) male
image: Wikimedia Commons
Now you might think “What? Another insect?” Yes, another one and more to come. They name after the strong rhinoceros not only because of the look but also the strength. A rhinoceros beetle can lift things that are 850 heavier than their body weight. It is like a human like us can lift an object that weights 65 tons. Still, we can’t do that.

13. Saltwater Crocodile

strongest animals in the world
image: Max Pixel

Here is the biggest crocodiles among their species, and one of the strongest as well. See those teeth? Yes, those teeth can bite with great force that it can detach our limbs at once. The bite is even believed to be stronger than the T-Rex as well.

14. Tiger

Begal tiger yawning 1
image: Wikimedia Commons
Tigers are so special in many ways. Let’s begin with their legs. The legs of a tiger are so strong that they remain standing still even if the tiger himself is dead. They have the ability to jump as high as the 10 ft fence to capture prey. Not to mention their running skill. For strength, a tiger can carry an object as heavy as 50 kilograms in their mouth while climbing a tree. That is why we shouldn’t mess with the tiger, again, unless you’re Mowgli.



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