13 Most Dangerous Freshwater Fish That Can Kill You

image: River Monsters

It is important to know that swimming in freshwater can also be harmful. That is because there is some most dangerous freshwater fish roaming the river or lake that you swim in. You should know these predators and avoid getting in touch in their territory just to be safe. Imagine you jump into the water and come back leaving some of your toes to the fish for snacks. Nope, on second thought don’t imagine that. I don’t include the piranhas in the list since everybody knows what the fish can do. Take a look at these dangerous freshwater fish here and remember their names and their habitats.

1. Alligator Gar

most dangerous freshwater fish
image: Florida Fish and Wildlife

Once upon a time, there was this man dangling his feet over a dock in waters of southeastern United States. Suddenly, a huge alligator gar grabbed his feet and pulled him into the water. But guess what, the man managed to escape and lived to tell the tale. The alligator gar can grow up to 10 feet and 400 pounds in weight. They look like half fish half crocodile, and they might be responsible for mysterious drownings and lost dogs.

2. Bull Shark

image: Wikimedia Commons
Bull sharks are the unique bastard that can live in both freshwater and saltwater, and well, they feed on humans. You know what a shark can do to us, so you know the drill. Stay alert. I can’t describe the exact habitats of the bull sharks, because they live EVERYWHERE. Where there is water, there is bull shark no matter if it is freshwater or saltwater. However, their population is great up north especially in the United States. So be careful.

3. Electric Catfish

Malapterurus electricus 1
image: Wikimedia Commons
Not so experienced as an electric eel, the electric catfish can only generate 300-400 volts of power. Not as high as the eel, but that is still enough to kill us. They are found in tropical Africa and the Nile River.

4. Electric Eel

most dangerous freshwater fish
image: Christine Schmidt

Who would want to be electrocuted? In the water, by an eel? This electric eel can generate electricity up to 600 volts, and that is not simple. I might be bad at physics, but at least I know 600 volts is not something I would want to experience. What they do is knocking us unconscious with their super power. And we tend to drown when we are unconscious in the water. That is why you should be careful when you swim in the Amazon river.

5. Giant Freshwater Stingray

image: Wikimedia Commons
By giant, they can grow as big as 16 feet and weight up to 2000 pounds. That makes their stinger reach the length of 8 feet at least. They can either sting or muscle you under water with that size and weight. They are found in Southeast Asia exactly where I live, water is not my favorite place.

6. Goliath Tigerfish

most dangerous freshwater fish
image: Big Fishes of the World

As you can see, the teeth of the Goliath Tigerfish are not so pleasant to watch. This type of fish can grow as long as more than 6 feet in length with weight up to 70 pounds. With that size and those teeth, your flesh is done in a few bites. Their habitats are in Congo River and Lake Tanganyika.

7. Goonch Fish

most dangerous freshwater fish
image: The Goonch Catfish

Be careful if you venture in The Kali River because something bizarre are roaming the river every day. Just so you know, the Goonch Fish is one of the freshwater monsters that you wish you’ll never meet. They can grow as long as 7 feet long and 300 pounds in weight. This type of fish has razor sharp teeth, and it is not afraid to drag you down in the river. Oh, and it won’t let you come back to the surface to tell the tale. Human is their number 1 main course, letting you go is not in the options.

8. Great Barracuda

most dangerous freshwater fish
image: keywordsuggest.org

To make it precise, each of the Great Barracuda’s tooth is 3 inches. As they grow, they can reach up to the length of 6 feet and 100 pounds in weight. Make sure you stay away from mangrove and estuarine regions. You know fish can jump, right? With those teeth, on bite can cost your leg or at least half of it. This fish have killed people before, and they surely will if they have the chance to.

9. Muskellunge

most dangerous freshwater fish
image: Better Know a Fish!

If a fish have teeth this many, there is nothing they can’t do to us human. They can grow up to 7 feet and weight up to 80 pounds. This weight my friend, is strong enough to drag a victim for a ride under water. They live in the lakes of the Northern Hemisphere, let’s just say we won’t meet them.

10. Payara

most dangerous freshwater fish
image: River Monsters

Payara aka Sabre Toothed Tiger Fish is one of the deadliest predators in the Amazon River. They have absolutely strong jaws and sharp teeth that are ready to bite. These 2 lower jaws are not something you want to feel deep in your flesh.

11. Piraiba Catfish

most dangerous freshwater fish
image: Big Fishes of the World

Known as man-eater, the piraiba catfish is friend to no men. They have hunter type of teeth in their mouth that are ready to taste us. This scary catfish can reach 9 feet in length with the size as big as a man. Since it is the South America’ s largest catfish and a carnivore, it can eat us anytime. You can find them in Amazon and Orinoco basins as well as other tropical freshwater habitats in South America.

12. Puffer

most dangerous freshwater fish
image: Tambako The Jaguar

If you wonder how something can be ugly and cute at the same time, look at puffers. They are also dangerous. The puffer, even the name is cute, has beak that can rip through flesh. That beak can also harm people as well. Even if they are not too dangerous, and they can’t whole eat you, at least they take your fingers.

13. Wels Catfish

most dangerous freshwater fish
image: Big Fishes of the World

If it can grow up to 13 feet in length and 400 pounds in weight, of course it can swallow us whole. Wels Catfish is the fish that no one wants to see. They have razor sharp teeth, and they are so aggressive. The wels catfish are enjoy swimming and attacking people in Berlin Lake, Spain’s Resevoirs, and Russia’s Volga River. If you wonder what worse could they have done, here is the answer. There was an entire human body found in the stomach of this type of catfish in Russia. That is how they can do to any of us.


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