12 Strange Looking But Adorable Animals That You Should See

image: Max Pixel

No one is born the same but we might have the same special features with some people. Just like us, these strange looking but adorable animals here have unusual appearance that you can never image of. Some of them look like a combination of 2 animals together, while the others just look different. I bet you haven’t seen most of these animals since they don’t appear much to us. And that is why today I am bringing you the list of these adorable animals for you. Take a look at the 12 unique animals below and let us know your most favorite.

1. Thorny Devil Lizard

image: Wikimedia Commons
The fact that they have spikes cover their body, thorny devil lizard should be a dangerous animal. But they don’t usually attack people, that might be because we simply run away when we saw them. They are one strange looking creature, honestly. These lizards live in Australia, and they can grow up to 8 inches.

2. Venezuelan Poodle Moth

image: John Flannery

Have you ever seen such adorable moth before? This is the moth species discovered in Venezuela back in 2009. They have those amazing eyes, and little horns which is absolutely adorable. Their another nickname is Gypsy Moth which sounds even more facinating.

3. Maned Wolf

image: Tomás Del Coro

Their legs are just unusually long it makes me feel like the black part was added after the creation. Their habitat is in South America, and you won’t see any maned wolf packs anywhere. Maned wolves are independent enough to hunt alone which is cool somehow.

4. Gerenuk


Gerenuks in Samburu
image: Wikimedia Commons
And here we have a gazelle with extra long neck. Looks like they’re giraffe’s cousin by the look of their necks. Just like giraffes, gerenuks use their long neck to reach food in trees or bushes.

5. Narwhal

image: keywordsuggests.com

Unicorn of the sea, yes? The object from their head is a tusk actually, not horn. Narwhals is a unique whale species that travel in groups, and look absolutely out of the world.

6. Amazonian Royal Flycatcher

image: Your Gringo Belga now BudapOsts

Would you look at that! This is a majestic bird with crown that brings out extra beauty to itself. The Amazonian Royal Flycatcher can be found in South America along forests and woodlands. These birds build huge nests on tree branches near water to make them easy to hunt, and difficult for predators to reach.

7. Bush Viper

image: Bree McGhee

I accept the fact that vipers are no friendly reptiles, but this bush viper is too cool to handle. Of course they are is as dangerous as other vipers, but their appearance is so elegant. These bush vipers live in trees of Africa’s tropical forests. They hunt at night.

8. Panda Ant

image: Animal Theory

No, they’re not ants. They’re wasps, except they are wingless and hairy. These wasps have absolutely painful stings that can kill. Do you know their other nickname? Cow Killer!

9. Okapi

image: Derek Keats

They have zebra’s butts! Okapi is the mammal whose habitat in Democratic Republic of Congo in Central Africa. The great part is they are no relative of zebras at all, but giraffes!

10. Axolotl

image: Max Pixel

Axolotl is the adorable and amazing animals that can regrow any body parts it lost.

11. Flapjack Octopus

They are the newly discovered octopus species some years ago. This octopus is so adorable and shy. When they’re shy, which use their tentacles to cover themselves which is so cute!

12. Bergamasco Shepherd

image: www.petful.com

This is probably the most fluffy dog ever, except their hair looks actually like dreadlocks. I think Mark Zuckerberg owns the same dog breed to this one. The similar species is Komondor Dog which they have the same dreadlocks or mop coat cover their bodies.


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