11 Most Dangerous Animals In The World To Avoid

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Apart from humans, there are 11 other most dangerous animals in the world that you probably don’t know. Some animals might look adorable, but they are extremely dangerous if involve in any interaction with them. This list is here to let you know the types of animals that you should be careful of when they are around. We have come to almost every type of dangerous animals including under the water and on land. Let’s take a look at our 11 most dangerous animals in the world here, they might be helpful later.

1Box Jellyfish

Box jellyfish at Bakoven Rock DSC11031
image: Wikipedia Commons
Box jellyfish, also known as sea wasp or marine stinger, is the type of marine animal that you should avoid. They look just like plastic bags, but stings from them are extremely painful and can be fatal to humans. They are also transparent which is hard to see; however, just be careful when you’re in the water.

2Cone Snails

Textile cone
image: Wikimedia Commons

Yup, most of the snails are slow and adorable except this one. Cone snails are just as slow as other snails, but they have venom that is so dangerous it costs lives. So if you see any snail on the beach that looks like this one, just walk away. There is no antivenin, if you are stung, you can rest in peace just within minutes.

3Black Mamba

Most snakes are dangerous, but this is the type of snake that you don’t want to get near. Black mamba can strike very quickly, and the worse part is they can chase their victims at incredible speed. Just hope that you don’t hike around their territory, and you will be fine.

4Cape Buffalo

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No, they are not venomous. But if you take a look at those horns, you might know why they are so dangerous. Cape buffaloes inhabit the savannas of Central Africa, and they kill over 200 people per year as they gore. If they decide to charge, they will never stop even if you shoot them in the heart. Cape buffaloes are even known to attack lions, so you might know how dangerous they are.

5Siafu Ants

Safari Ants - Kakamega-Forest Kenya
image: Wikimedia Commons
They might be small, but you might need to consider again since they are in a group of half a billion. In case you step on one of them, the rest will swarming after you. Once they bite, their jaws will attach to your flesh even if pull their bodies in half. And the bite is absolutely painful.

6Deathstalker Scorpion

Deathstalker (Leiurus quinquestriatus) 6
image: Wikimedia Commons
Scorpions are never nice, and Deathstalker is the worse of them all. They have a painful and dangerous sting that can cause extreme pain and death. Look at the picture, and remember their look because Deathstalker is just so dangerous.

7Puffer Fish

They say don’t judge the book by its cover. Puffer fish is so cute, yet terrifying dangerous in the water. When threatened, they puff out their protruding spines. Those spines contain venom that can paralyze you which causes you to stop breathing. Yup, you die if you don’t breathe, especially in the water. Also, if you eat improperly prepared pufferfish, you will also die.


image: Rob

Don’t you hate it when dangerous animals can camouflage and attack you without you noticing them? Stonefish is not only the most venomous fish on the planet but also one of the fastest in the water. They can camouflage to blend with the ocean floor. And they also have venomous spines on their body that can cost you a limb or a life.


Hippo sounds cute, and they also look nice except that they are deadly dangerous. They are known for being aggressive towards humans with the act of chasing or tipping over boats. You can admire their beauty from the distance, but please just don’t go too near to them.

10Golden Poison Dart Frog

The good thing about poisonous frogs is that they are mostly colorful which you can easily avoid. Golden poison dart frog is covered with dangerous poison beneath its skin which means a simple touch is also a trouble. Just like hippos, admiring them from the distance is always better.


That is a cool name for a snake that can slowly and painfully kill you. Boomslang is the type of shy snake that doesn’t attack humans much. But when they get out of their coy zone, you should know that their venom can disable blood clotting. To make it easy to understand, the victims will slowly die as they bleed out from every pore in their bodies.

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