11 Animals That Have Incredibly Scary Teeth That You Might Not Notice

image: Fishes of Australia

Okay, these animals that have incredibly scary teeth here are the creatures that we should take cautions of. Some of them are absolutely dangerous to humans, while others are not too harmless. But still, you wouldn’t want to get any closer to those terrifying teeth. A majority of the animals on the list today have razor-sharp teeth that can penetrate our skin in no time. You might know most of them, but you might have not seen those teeth yet. So, here we go!

1Cookie Cutter Shark

image: JSUBiology

Usually, the cookie cutter sharks are considered harmless to humans because of their small size. However, it is still better to maintain the distance since those teeth might cut more than cookies. It has the reputation of a few attacks on underwater photographers before. Let’s hope that you won’t be its next victim.

2Dromedary Camel

Just because camels are omnivores doesn’t mean they do no harm to people. Have you ever heard a story of camels revenge their owners by attacking the people when they sleep? No? It happened. Camels are strong and powerful animals, be nice to them, hopefully, they’ll treat you right.


Bec del bec de serra gran (Mergus merganser)
image: Wikimedia Commons
Goosander aka Toothed Duck is not the type of duck we are happy to feed along the lake. There are at least a hundred and fifty teeth in that mouth, so yeah you know you don’t want to get too close.


Helicoprion bessonovi1DB
image: Wikimedia Commons
They are already extinct, unfortunately. But yeah, the fish with spiral and rows of teeth did exist.


No, don’t you mess with a hippopotamus. They are so heavy and big and strong, and they are not afraid to attack humans like us. There have been reports on hippo attacks, and the result has never been pleasant. The victims either lost their limbs or their lives.

6Leatherback Sea Turtle

Dentist? Nope.


image: Max Pixel

A mandrill is one aggressive animal that you don’t want to get near. By the look of those teeth, you know you don’t want to be anywhere near them.


image: Pinterest

Everything was cute until this penguin opened his mouth :/

9Saber-Toothed Deer

Moschus moschiferus in Plzen zoo (12.02.2011)
image: Wikimedia Commons

At least they don’t attack humans, so that is something nice apart from the teeth.


Leopard Seal
image: Wikimedia Commons
Seal’s teeth are so sharp they can snatch off our hands if they want to.

11The Dragonfish

Having sharp teeth is not enough, this thing even has teeth grow on its tongue. Look at that, and see what nature has created for us.


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