Towering Skyscraper: 10 Tallest Buildings In The World (In 2017)

image: Pixabay

Constructing a tall and huge building is never just a simple task for humans. It needs a huge amount of work to build each individual building from scratch, not to mention those enormously tall buildings in our history. Some of these buildings are so tall and modern that people can’t believe that humans could build. Each of these buildings has amazing construction and style which make them stand out among the others.

And if you are wondering about which building in which country is the tallest building ever constructed by humans, then you are in the right place. Here we bring you 10 tallest buildings ever built in history. We also include the country where each building is in, the height, floor, and year of construction for you as well. Hopefully, the short information we provide is helpful for you. This article will give you a brief detail about 10 tallest buildings in the world. Those buildings are:

1Burj Khalifa: Dubai

image: Max Pixel
  • Country: United Arab Emirates
  • Height: 828m (2717ft)
  • Floors: 163
  • Built: 2010

2Shanghai Tower: Shanghai

  • Country: China
  • Height: 632m (2073ft)
  • Floors: 128
  • Built: 2015

3Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower: Mecca

image: Samira
  • Country: Saudi Arabia
  • Height: 601m (1971ft)
  • Floors: 120
  • Built: 2012

4Ping An Finance Centre: Shenzhen

image: Chris
  • Country:  China
  • Height: 599m (1965ft)
  • Floors: 115
  • Built: 2016

5Lotte World Tower: Seoul

image: Pixabay
  • Country: South Korea
  • Height: 554.5m (1819ft)
  • Floors: 123
  • Built: 2016

6One World Trade Center: New York City

image: Pixabay
  • Country: United States
  • Height: 541.3m (1776ft)
  • Floors: 104
  • Built: 2014

7CTF Finance Centre: Guangzhou

  • Country: China
  • Height: 530m (1739ft)
  • Floors: 111
  • Built: 2016

8Taipei 101: Taipei

  • Country: Republic of China
  • Height: 508m (1667ft)
  • Floors: 101
  • Built: 2004

9Shanghai World Financial Center: Shanghai

image: Wikimedia Commons
  • Country: China
  • Height: 492m (1614ft)
  • Floors: 101
  • Built:  2008

10International Commerce Centre: Hong Kong

image: Eddie Sin
  • Country:  China
  • Height: 484m (1588ft)
  • Floors: 118
  • Built: 2010

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