10 Strange Cambodian Food That You Might Want To Try


Food is a pleasant word to hear, but wait till you see these strange Cambodian food here. When it comes to food, you might imagine chicken, steak, beef, salad, and many other delicious dishes. However, this country in Southeast Asia has a different taste of food that will amaze you. Well, the food that you are about to see known as snack or street food that many Cambodian people enjoy eating. If you are curious to know what the strange food is, take a look at the pictures down below.

1Spiders or Tarantulas

These grilled spiders have a combination of spice and ingredients that you will always remember the taste of. Creepy crawlies are not fun to eat, but you won’t regret the cooking skills of these Cambodian people.


The snakes that the locals captured are mostly in the field or nearby places in the villages. They are non-venomous, and 100% natural. Don’t worry, there are plenty of them so they don’t go extinct.


The methods of cooking these snails are varied to bring different tastes. You can eat boiled snails with the spicy sauce, and other fried snails with other sauces to bring extra tastes.


Cambodia 08 - 035 - insects for snacks at the market (3198822589)
image: Wikimedia Commons
The best way to cook these crickets is to stuff them with peanuts and fry them. That way makes the crickets smell good and taste good at the same time.

5Bamboo Worms

Don’t panic. These are not those disgusting worms you saw. These are the juicy worms that fried with spice to bring the taste that you will never forget. All you need is a bite to feel how delicious they are.


image: BBMLive

Yummy!!! These grilled frogs have many spice and ingredients stuffed inside them. They smell good, and their taste is indescribably delicious.


No, they are not dangerous to eat. These are not the mice from the sewage or the city that feed on trashes. These mice live in the rice fields, and they feed on rice and other plants. They are safe, and they worth a try.

8Egg Baluts (Duck Eggs)

image: Narith5

Egg baluts are one of the best snacks that Cambodian people of all ages love to eat. These eggs are nutritious, delicious, and inexpensive. You can buy a few of them for 50 cents, that is a good price for something this good.

9Grilled Chicken Organs

Those are livers, hearts, and other organs that make your mouth go watering. And these little eggs you see right here are only 0.25$ per stick, and they taste amazing. My personal favorite actually.

10Other Insects

And there are more strange Cambodian food especially insects besides crickets and worms as well such as beetles, cockroaches, and more. Once you explore the country, don’t forget to explore these foods!

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