10 Smelliest Animals In The World That You Might Hate


Apart from skunks, what are the other smelliest animals that you know? Well, most of the smelly animals use their foul smell as the defense mechanism. That means they cannot bite or attack their predators back when in danger. So, the gifted ability that they can use is releasing the unpleasant smell to chase the enemies away. And of course, it works perfectly. Because who would want to stay near something that is smelly? Not just human that hates bad smells, animals have heart, too! While some other animals use that smell to define their territory, well that is obvious. In case you want to know the smelly animals out there, I am here with the list of smelliest animals. Check them out!

1. Bombardier Beetle

smelliest animals
image: David Hill

Both the smell and the reaction of the spray from a bombardier beetle are not pleasant. This unique insect has special chambers inside their abdomen that contain 2 chemicals. Yes, chemicals. They are hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide. Combined together and sprayed, it creates a hot, noxious, and foul smelling. The spray can cause burning on your skin, so that is pretty strong for sure.

2. Earwig

Уховертка Forficula smyrnensis- Forficula smyrnensis - Earwig Forficula smyrnensis- Ухолазка Forficula smyrnensis- Ohrwürmer Forficula smyrnensis (27399287853)
image: Wikimedia Commons
This is the small helpless insect that can do nothing to protect themselves besides releasing smells. When threatened, they squirt this yellow and stinky liquid to defend themselves against frogs, beetle, toads, and other predators.

3. Ratsnake

Black Rat Snake-
image: Wikimedia Commons
Ratsnake aka Stinking Goddess, has one of the unpleasant smells as defensive mechanism. When threatened, they release this offensive odor that scare their predators away immediately. They can grow as long as 2.4 meters in length, and you can find them in China and Vietnam.

4. Millipede

smelliest animals
image: Max Pixel

The adorable thing about a millipede is they curl up into this cool spiral when threatened. At the same time, they also release their special defensive mechanism: the smelly liquid. That liquid contains cyanide substance, just so you know. And yes, cyanide is poisonous. Don’t harm the millipede. Having trouble with managing their dozen legs are already difficult for them.

5. Skunk

Striped Skunk
image: Wikimedia Commons
The king of smell is here, bad smell for sure. If you see a skunk raises his tail, don’t walk toward the way. That would be a very bad decision to make. A skunk can spray their super horrible smell as far as 3 meters. You know what the worst part is? That smell you last with you for hours and even days if you are unfortunate enough to get close. The good news is they will give you warning sign first like growl or fluff their fur. But if you see a skunk turns his back on you, don’t be happy. Get ready for the spray!

6. Stinky Bird

Hoatzin in Peru
image: Wikimedia Commons
The Hoatzin or Stinky Bird lives in Amazon and other parts of South America. They are herbivore, and they look great, absolutely beautiful. But the smell they produce is not so nice for the nose. They can give you this manure-like smell that no one would want to experience with. I guess you can only admire their beauty from afar.

7. Stink Bug

smelliest animals
image: Pixabay

They got their name for a reason, they’re stink. If you touch them or make them feel threatened, they will release this utterly unpleasant smell. They are known as pests in the US, Japan, and China due to their damage on fruits and vegetables.

8. Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devil resting
image: Wikimedia Commons
Geez, what a name! You can only find them in Tasmania, Australia. They kinda have the nose of the koala though. Despite the name and appearance, this mammal is definitely harmless. However, they can release this pungent odor when threatened, and trust me you don’t want to smell that.

9. Wolverine

smelliest animals
image: Pixabay

This is no man than has sharp claws and special features. Wolverine looks like a bear, and you can find them in boreal forests and Alpine tundra in Northern Canada. Their nickname is Skunk Bear, and you might know why. They release the pungent odor from anal gland to mark their territory. If you smell the smell, then you’re in their place.

10. Wood Hoopoe

smelliest animals
image: Derek Keats

This bird is the combination of beauty and the beast. The birds look absolutely stunning, but as soon as they spray their fluid at you. You know rotten eggs? Wood Hoopoe’s fluid smells pretty much the same. They only do so to protect their eggs and nest or when threatened.


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