10 Most Beautiful Snakes In The World

image: Schristia

Snakes are one of the most deadliest animals, but they also have their good side as well. Here we are talking about the most beautiful snakes in the world that you might never know exist. They might be still venomous, but at least they look good you know. In case you want to see the beautiful part of the snakes, so we bring you some of them. These snakes are colorful and awesome in terms of appearance. Just because they look nice doesn’t mean they don’t bite. Below are 10 good looking snakes that you can admire the beauty from the distance.

1. African Bush Viper

most beautiful snakes in the world
image: Rachel Marino

Their scales look absolutely phenomenon, like 3D look that make the snakes look even more interesting. They also have beautiful eyes as you can see. Their habitat is in rainforest of Southern part of Africa. African bush viper comes in different colors as well, and all of them are uniquely beautiful.

2. Asian Vine Snake 

most beautiful snakes in the world
image: tontantravel

With slender body and large head, Asian vine snakes are not difficult to recognize. You can find them in almost every country in Southeast Asia, and they feed on small reptiles and amphibians.

3. Bloodred Corn Snake

most beautiful snakes in the world
image: listamaze.com

They are like hybrid type of snake, the name tells you exactly how they look.

4. Blue Racer

most beautiful snakes in the world
image: Jon Fife

You shall see and admire their beauty now, because you won’t see them in the future for they are endangered. The blue racer has large eyes, dark color on the body, and they are nonvenomous. You can find them in savanna or old field shoreline in parts of the United States.

5. Emerald Tree Boa

Emerald Tree Boa Facing Forward 2646px
image: Wikimedia Commons
Green makes this type of boa looks completely stunning, and they are also nonvenomous. On top of the beautiful green scales, you will also white zigzag lines that make them even more amazing. They live in many countries in South America, and of course on the trees.

6. Green Tree Python

most beautiful snakes in the world
image: Schristia

Green tree python might look similar to the emerald tree boa, but they live in different habitat and has different figures. The python tends to have longer body and tails as well as bigger head and snout. You can find them in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Australia. They also live up on the trees in rainforest, but you will also find them on the ground sometimes as well.

7. Indigo Eastern Snake

image: Wikimedia Commons
Indigo Eastern snakes are large, but they are nonvenomous and absolutely safe to hang around with. The colors of their scales are totally amazing. You might see pitch black there, but actually there is also reddish-orange tan and blue-black as well. They are found in South Carolina and areas around the place. Sadly, they are also in threatened species list as well.

8. Texas Rat Snake

Leucistic Texas Rat Snake
image: Wikimedia Commons
This type of snake looks like some kind of plastic toy, but they are real anyway. They have those big eyes and pinkish scale along with wide mouth. They can climb trees and swim in the water, but Texas rat snakes also make great pet as well. Yes, it is legal for you to keep them.

9. Pit Viper

Bothriechis schlegelii (La Selva Biological Station)
image: Wikimedia Commons
Pit viper lives in parts of Eurasia and America, and they are venomous. You will find them in rainforests as well as desert, and they hunt at nights. 

10. Sri Lankan Pit Viper

most beautiful snakes in the world
image: tumblr

Oh, this one is also venomous, and you can recognize them by their flat triangle head. The female Sri Lankan pit viper can grow as long as 130cm which is twice length of the male. You can find them in Sri Lanka, but let’s see you won’t find them because their venom can kill. They live in tree branches, good luck with that mate!

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