10+ Funny Signs That Create Laughter As We See Them

image: drazz

Funny signs are everywhere, and these signs right here are absolutely hilarious. If you drive on the roads, you will see many signs that bring cautions or warning for drivers. There are also other signs in the park, lake, and more other places as well. However, these signs that you are about to see are unique and obvious that it makes you laugh. I am wondering if the people who created those signs laugh or not while writing or drawing them. Let’s see what we have here, and find out which one is the funniest sign for you.


This is a friendly sign that tells you that bat don’t go to the bathroom while flying 😀

image: Wikimedia Commons


‘May Exist’

Funny signs
image: Scott Allen


This area has chicken that attacks? Imagine you run away from a chasing chicken behind you, not fun at all.

Funny signs
image: Public Domain Pictures


This is for the the drivers and pedestrian though. Don’t get killed by a fast driver.

Funny signs
image: Amy fricano


What does this even mean lmao?

Funny signs
image: savageblackout


When people think kids don’t weight as much, so they jam them inside the elevator anyway.

Funny signs
image: w.marsh


We all have seen those who park in the handicap parking spot while they’re not even handicap.

Funny signs
image: bert knottenbeld


There must have been someone did this before!

Funny signs
image: Stewart Black


No witch flying zone!

Funny signs
image: Pixabay


This is so cold and strict at the same time.

Funny signs
image: Pixabay


There are crocodiles waiting for you down there.

Funny signs
image: Pixabay


I believe someone drew the girl on the deer 😀

Funny signs
image: savageblackout


This owner is not afraid to shoot you twice, don’t ever trespass here.

Funny signs
image: Anthony Viviano


This sign stays here for years.

Funny signs
image: Mikey


Don’t reach your hand like that.

Funny signs
image: Jodie Wilson


Someone stole Santa’s reindeer.

Funny signs
image: savageblackout


Especially heads, they are hard to replace.

Funny signs
image: Blaise Alleyne


Read till the end 😀

Funny signs
image: drazz
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