10 Funny Kids Doing Adorable Silly Faces That Will Make You Smile

image: Gordon

Have you ever done silly faces before? I bet we all have been through our fun and silly moments. It is just so hilarious the way people can pull off different funny faces. The most adorable thing is when kids do those faces! When they stick their tongue out or when they open their mouth. Some kids don’t even have front teeth lmao. Check these photos and see if any of them have similar silly faces to you. Have fun!


The face is one thing, but the fact that he loses some teeth makes him look even funnier.

kids do silly faces
image: Kasey Eriksen


She look so adorable even making a silly face.

kids do silly faces
image: peasap


Fish face 😀 We all do this when we were young anyway.

kids do silly faces
image: Donnie Ray Jones


Every hilarious silly face in one photo. This little simple nailed it. His dad joined it and make this looks even better.

kids do silly faces
image: Olaf Gradin


How about this one? When it comes to silly face, sticking our tongue out is always the first choice.

kids do silly faces
image: Amy Gahran


This kind of reminds me of someone from a movie. The face you make when you are mad and ready to fight!

kids do silly faces
image: Michael Bentley


She might look surprise, but that is one of the silly faces that she makes. This little girl is just so adorable to look at.

kids do silly faces
image: Lane Fournerat


He looks as if the camera person told him to do the silly face and he didn’t want to do it. Those eyes showed how annoyed he was 😀

kids do silly faces
image: Lance Fisher


He looks so hilarious. The eyes, the tongue proved that he was good at what he was doing 😀

kids do silly faces
image: Dark Dwarf


Doing this as a group is also fun. Maybe you can try with your friends, and see who can pull this off!

kids do silly faces
image: Gordon
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