10 Delicious Food For The Weekend That You Can Cook


How about giving yourself some nice treats with delicious food on the weekends at home? After long tiring weekdays, it is time to try new cuisines and taste of some great food. I mean who doesn’t love food, right? Here we have some great meal by a great chef that you will see down below. The food is not only unique but also interesting due to the creativity in food dressing that the chef puts. From breakfast to dinner, here I bring you 10 delicious food from Chef With Cap. You can also follow him from the link here to get new updates of wonderful food from him. You will love these food courses, they are worth trying!

1. Breakfast Waffle


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There are many simple breakfast that you can easily make on Saturday and Sunday mornings. How about a waffle with eggs on top of it? Add some bacon, and voila! Yummy!

2. Caesar Salad With Parmigiano


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You can make caesar salad in so many ways, and this is one among the best. It is the colorful way to make salad, you will see bacon, chicken, and vegetables all together. Healthy and tasty, that is also great for weekends as well.

3. Egg Salad with Bacon


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Let’s make lunch something nice, shall we? Scrambled eggs together with crispy bacon is simply perfect. You can also add some vegetables like carrots, onion, and more just the way you like it. You will love this type of amazing lunch.

4. Falafel With Pomegranate


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This makes great snack to eat while chilling in the balcony or watching movies. Everything just looks great together, and taste perfectly great together as well.

5. Mussels With Cheddar Cheese


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The best about mussels is that you can add more extremely wonderful taste when you put cheese in it. These mussels here are gratinated with red pepper, rhubarb, chili, and guess what, it tastes beyond delicious. Great for family reunion, or even simple barbecue at home with some nice drinks.

6. Pork Belly With Chilli


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This looks like a simple food, but there are a lot of ingredients that bring out the taste. It makes great dinner with a glass of wine, yes it is.

7. Salad With Grilled Entrecôte



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Or you can eat healthy with a bit of a twist. You will have some greens like lettuce, avocados, cucumbers, and more. But then, you have some grilled entrecôte as well. You can also add some chili to make things hot and spicy.

8. Saturday Breakfast


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Bacon and eggs go well together when it comes to food, and this my friend, is an amazing breakfast. You can simply fry bacon and eggs, add some veggies of your choice, and some salt and pepper. Eating with wheat bread makes it a healthy and exciting breakfast on your weekend. Yes, it’s worth it.

9. Spring Rolls Salad


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Spring rolls are also common snacks and meal in Asia as well. With one bite, you will taste the meat and vegetables with excellent crisp that you will love. Tease the taste with some salad, delicious and healthy!

10. Thai Chicken Ramen


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If you like Asian food, don’t miss this. Chicken ramen is perfect for cold weather as well as evening or even supper. There are also mushrooms and other veggies, it is just great.

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