10 Most Dangerous Animals In Australia That You Should Know


Have you ever wondered why a majority of most dangerous animals are in Australia altogether? I will bring top 10 most dangerous animals in Australia today since there are too many of them. From small to big, all of these animals can snap you off any time without even try. Some of them live in water or forest, while the others in the local with the Aussies themselves. Like I always say, Australia is like a camp site where every deadliest animal loves to gather. Check out the list down below and share with us if you know more dangerous animals in this country.

1. Bull Shark

image: ume-y

It is pretty clear that most sharks are harmful, but this one is absolutely out of control. They live worldwide actually, but many cases of their attack are in Australia. Bull sharks are great predators and scavenger. If there are dead whales, you’ll find them there which is why you shouldn’t swim near dead whale’s body. People also believe that bull sharks are the ones that responsible for lost dogs that went swimming.

2. Eastern Brown Snake

image: Takver

They live everywhere in Australia, and they are not afraid to bite you. Normally, they can grow up to 3.2 feet in length. These snakes are fast, they can strike you in just a blink of an eye. The worse part is you need immediate medical treatment, because the result will be very bad. The victim will suffer from paralysis and uncontrollable bleeding from the venom of these snakes.

3. Saltwater Crocodile

image: Andy Tyler

Saltwater crocodiles are not only the most dangerous but also largest crocodiles among their species. They live in both saltwater and freshwater, which is kind of bad. You will never know if you might meet one. Sometimes you just go camping in the nearby water, turns out you meet one of these. Or even worse, lost your dog or something like that.

4. Sydney Funnel Web Spider

image: keywordsuggests.com

The unique thing about this spider is that male bites are more dangerous that the female’s. These spiders don’t like light, so during the day they won’t be living in their web. They might go chilling in your shoes or in their burrows instead. If you live in Australia especially Sydney, make sure to always check your shoes before putting your feet in.

5. Blue-Ringed Octopus

image: Angell Williams

You will know when this octopus is ready to bite you. Yes, this type of octopus does bite. The moment you see the blue lines and rings appear on their body, make sure you let them go. Don’t ever touch this octopus. A simple touch can kill you, my friend. Do you know why people die? Because they don’t breath, and that is exactly this octopus’ bites bring you. Paralyzed and dead.

6. Cassowary

image: David Berkowitz

Do you where can a bird kill you? AUSTRALIA!!! This is the flightless bird with a size to an ostrich. They also look like a prehistoric animal as well. Cassowary has powerful legs just like the ostrich. The great thing is those legs have the middle toes shaped like daggers with the length of about 5 inches. The nails on their middle toes can pierce human body, just don’t mess with this birdy. And don’t ever hope to get away when you mess with them. They can go as fast as 40km per hour just so you know.

7. Tiger Snakes

image: Alan Couch

Wherever you go in Australia, dangerous animals always wait for you. Tiger snakes are the ones who hunt in coastal areas, wetlands, and creeks around southern part of Australia. They have toxic venoms that can result in fatality. My advice is to simply walk backwards if you see a snake in your way or even from the distance.

8. Platypus

image: Klaus

Oh, yes they’re adorable and likely to be harmless. But you know what, male platypus has sting in their spurs that is poisonous. They only use the sting when threatened, and the venom is not that bad. However, it might cause permanent damage. Just to let you know that even platypus is dangerous in Australia, west part to be exact.

9. Scrub Python


Morelia kinghorni Australia Zoo
image: Wikimedia Commons
Well, we all know that pythons are not venomous. But they can do worst. Scrub pythons are the largest snakes in Australia, and they can kill a kangaroo without a problem. The worse part is they even invade people’s house. Don’t you hate it when you were sleeping, and suddenly can’t breath because this bastard chokes you? They either suffocate their victims or eat them alive, venomous or not, snakes are snakes. They’re bad.

10. Irukandji Jellyfish

image: Wikimedia Commons
Its size is as small as a fingernail, except their sting is 100 times worst. You don’t even know if you might meet one since they are so tiny, and they live in deeper water. Their venom will cause severe lower back pain, cramps, sweating, anxiety, nausea, and more. The longer it takes you to realize, the worst it gets.



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