10 Coolest University Graduation Gowns Of Famous Universities

coolest university graduation gowns

Graduation day is the biggest day for every graduate out there. Today, we will look into some coolest university graduation gowns from some famous universities around the world. Each university has unique design for their gown, and most of the gowns look different from each other. Some are a bit colorful, while the others are not. So let’s see these awesome university gowns right here and let us know which one you think is the best.

1. École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne 

coolest university graduation gowns
image: Wikimedia Commons

Well, the majority of universities in France have this kind of uniform for each of their student. The students mostly wear this uniform on important ceremonies. And they also wear it on their graduation as well. The graduation uniforms or gowns are also varies in odd and even year. Students in French cool amazingly like soldiers, fierce and elegant.

2. Harvard University

Harvard Class of 2015 graduates in Harvard Yard
image: Wikimedia Commons
 Red makes perfect color for the hood, and being of the most famous universities, Harvard totally nailed it. The color might represent how ambitious and passionate the students are to graduate and receive their degree.

3. Nanyang Technological University

coolest university graduation gowns
image: Snippets of Life’s Journey

Just like most universities, Nanyang Technological University has different colors for different majors. The V design in the front makes the colors look even cooler. And look at them, that is an amazing shot.

4. Stanford University

coolest university graduation gowns
image: John Loo

 Stanford University goes for classic when it comes to gown on their graduation day. Black robe and red scarf makes the graduation gowns look absolutely stunning to wear. And this graduate looks beautiful in this gown.

5. University of Cambridge

coolest university graduation gowns
image: Andrew Zhao

The wool makes the graduation gowns looks so cool to wear. It is like the perfect graduation uniform on cold days, simply perfect. Being one of the most famous and expensive universities in the world, the graduation gown of University of Cambridge is totally spot on.

6. University of Manchester

coolest university graduation gowns
image: INTO Study

While the University of Manchester goes for something simple and classic. The front design of the gown has 2 colors: yellow and purple. Varies in degrees, some gowns has purple as the color of the hood and the sleeves.

7. University of Oxford

coolest university graduation gowns
image: amyvlogs13

The graduation gown of University of Oxford has very similar design to the University of Cambridge. The white wool design on the hood makes the gown looks so stunningly cool for the graduates. The students normally wear white shirt and black pants or skirts; suit and tie is not required. Yet, they still look amazing, and happy.

8. University of Tokyo


coolest university graduation gowns
image: Budhaditya Pyne

Japan always goes for something way more formal like suit and tie in graduation. For the University of Tokyo, the blue gown is designed for their graduates. Blue is the color of noble, and of course it takes a lot of courage for students to graduate from Japan. They deserve to look this elegant and cool on their graduation day.

9. University of Toronto

Proud graduates
image: Wikimedia Commons
This is probably the unique design because there is no black color in the gown at all. Even the cap is unique since it more rounded instead of square like most other universities. The combination of light green and red makes the gowns look beautifully standout in the crowd. However, the color is varies in different faculty. Unfortunately, this is the best one I could find.

10. University of Washington

Michelle Obama attends the commencement ceremony at George Washington University, 2010
image: Wikimedia Commons
This is stunning, and the former first lady is absolutely gorgeous. I cannot find the full photo of the gowns, but you can tell that the gown is elegantly cool for their graduates. The entire black gown is for bachelor’s, and the strap on the sleeve has different colors for doctoral graduates.


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