10 Super Awesome Celebrities Who Own Private Islands

celebrities who own private islands
image: BagoGames

How cool is that to be the celebrities who own private islands as their sweet escape from the presses and cameras? Not everyone wants to be on the news and on screens all the time. So, having somewhere that no paparazzis can reach is the perfect place to go. A private island also makes wonderful vacation destinations as well. Geez being famous and rich is amazing somehow, isn’t it? Who are the celebrities with private islands that you know? Today I will bring you 10 of them, so let’s take a look.

1. Celine Dion

celebrities who own private islands
image: Pinterest

Celine bought this Floridian island in 2005 with her husband that cost $12.5 million. Later they built a mansion with everything luxury you can imagine. She called it the Jupiter Island, and it has 3 pools as well as epic water slides. However, she put the place on sale for $72.5 million which later dropped to $62.5 million. The price did not end there, it dropped even lower to $45.5 million some times after that. After 4 years, she finally sold it with a very disappointing price of only $38.5 million.

2. David Copperfield

celebrities who own private islands
image: Pixabay

Even the most famous illusionist needs his space sometimes. David Copperfield owns not 1 but 11 islands in the Bahamas. One of his most beautiful and expensive island is Musha Cay which cost about $50 million. Well, you can rent his island as well in case you want to spend a fun vacation. You only need to pay around $57,000 a night and the island is all yours in that very night.

3. Johnny Depp

celebrities who own private islands

The main character from Pirates of The Caribbean, Johnny Depp has bought his own island in 2004. This little paradise locates in the Caribbean, and it is called Little Hall’s Pond Cay. The island has the natural beauty of reefs, white sand beaches, palm tree lagoon, and more. With the size of 45 acre, this tropical island cost about $3.6 million.

4. Julia Roberts

celebrities who own private islands
image: InSapphoWeTrust

Many celebrities own their private islands in the Bahamas, and Julia Roberts is one of them. This successful American actress spent millions just to purchase her own paradise and sweet escape. It is definitely worth it to be honest.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio

celebrities who own private islands
image: linkedin.com

Just like most celebrities, Leonardo DiCaprio bought a $1.75 million island in 2005. The Blackadore Caye Island located off the coast of Belize with the size of 104 acre. Two years later, he has had the plan to turn it into an eco-resort. If you are interested, the grand opening will be in 2018 which is next year. Feel free to pay a visit!

6. Pamela Anderson

celebrities who own private islands
image: Mercy For Animals MFA

What was the biggest gift you ever received? Tommy Lee whose ex-wife is Pamela bought her an island which cost no less than $15 million. The island was man-made, and it locates off the coast of Dubai. Back in 2007, that was a lot of money and a pretty awesome gift to give.

7. Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin (8726124370)
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This singer-songwriter bought his island back in 2008 with the price of $8 million. Speaking of livin’ la vida loca, this most hit song can totally bring him this tropical paradise with ease. Oh, and the island is near Angra dos Reis which is off the coast of Brazil.

8. Robin Williams

celebrities who own private islands
image: BagoGames

Whether or not he did really own the island in Pender Harbor, British Columbia, Canada is still a question. There have rumors for more than 20 years that he owned the island. There were also people saw him on the island sometimes as well. Robin passed away in 2014, but his fame is still around due to his talents and credits in movies.

9. Shakira

celebrities who own private islands
image: jkuttarkabat

With the plan to develop a resort for millionaires out there, Shakira and Roger Waters bought an island in 2011. The island’s size is about 700 acre, and it locates in the northern part of the Bahamas chain. The price of this Bonds Cay island is $16 million, definitely the resort for the rich.

10. Tim McGraw

celebrities who own private islands
image: Disney | ABC Television Group

Nothing is more fun than spending your vacation with your family on your very own island. Tim McGraw purchased an island in the Bahamas called Goat Cay with his wife in 2006. The couple is famous singers that make millions every year, so an island is not a big deal for them. Apart from island, they have luxury cars, big house, and pretty everything a person wants.

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