10 Best Japanese Street Food That You Must Try At Least Once


You should know these best Japanese street food here since they are among the amazing choices that people love to eat. In case you travel to Japan, exploring street food has to be on the list. From seafood to eggs, Japanese chefs there can always turn the best taste for you. Nothing is better than walking in the city and tasting good street food at night in Japan.

Japanese street food is among the best in Asia which is why you should not miss them. Here we have 10 best Japanese street food that you really must try at least once. They are simple yet delicious. Check them out and note them down!

1Yaki Imo

Ishi yakiimo truck by bitmask in Tokyo
image: Wikimedia Commons
Japanese sweet potatoes are the best, and Yaki Imo is the sweet potatoes cooked over a wood fire. You will find them from sellers on trucks, and they are absolutely easy to find. The trucks equipped with a loudspeaker that says ‘yaki imo’ repeatedly that everyone can hear. You will love these sweet potatoes.


Oh, this one tastes great. I personally love taiyaki! Taiyaki is the fish-shaped cakes cooked for a few minutes, and served warm. Inside, the cake is filled with custard, chocolate, cheese, and other fillings of your choice.


Misawa takoyaki
image: Wikimedia Commons
The name means ‘octopus fried’, and of course, it has octopus fillings with many more ingredients. A box of takoyaki usually has from 6 crispy takoyaki balls. On top of them topped with green onions, mayonnaise, takoyaki sauce, and more.


Japanese crepes are unique y’all. Most crepes have sweet fillings, but not Japanese crepes. In Japan, crepes often contain fresh ingredients like savory eggs, sweet fruits, azuki beans, chicken, and more. And you can find crepes almost everywhere in Japan since there are over 10,000 places sell them.


image: Raita Futo

Do you love bacon? Do you love pancakes? Okonomiyaki is the combination of both, pancakes filled with thick-cut bacon. Taste them once, and you will go for more!


image: pinterest

Watame is simply cotton candy, that comes in style. Japanese cotton candy comes inside a plastic bag decorated with J-Pop bands or cartoon characters. There are many colors and flavors that you can choose from as well.


Like I said, everything in Japan comes with style and a unique twist. Yakisoba is like fried noodles, but mixed with amazing ingredients to bring out the flawless taste. The chefs stir fry the ramen-like noodles with small pieces of pork and various veggies. Eggs are also on the list as well. Finally, they season the dish with a special sauce that makes the yakisoba itself taste the best.


image: Leng Cheng

Dango is the Japanese mochiko dumplings that served on a stick. Usually, there are 3 or 4 dumplings on each stick. Dango also serves after dipping in shoyu and sugar sauce for a unique taste as well.


image: Pixabay

These are Japanese grilled squids, only tasting it would bring out the detailed description.


Grilled corns in Japan are way tastier than any other place in the world. Tomorokoshi is the corn grilled with miso, soy sauce, and butter that served hot and fresh. The corn is crunchy, tasty, and creamy all at once.

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