10 Best Animation Movies That Kids Will Enjoy Watching

best animation movies

When it comes to best movies for kids, nothing is better than animation. There are a lot of best animation movies out there that your kids might love to watch. If you are looking for an interesting animation movies for Friday night or weekend night, there are some here. Most of the animation movies in the list today are funny and absolutely great to watch. Since they are among the best, your kids will surely love them. I try to exclude the ones that send bad messages, so what you will see are only kids-friendly animation movies. Check them out!

1. Despicable Me

Well, there are 3 parts of this awesome animation movie now, and they’re all incredible. Despicable Me is a story about a super villain, Gru, who does everything in his power to be the best. But things changed after he met 3 little girls from the orphanage whom he adopted as daughters later.

Moral Of The Story: The story shows leadership, friendship, and courage from the beginning to the end. Kids will both have fun and learn new things at the same time.

2. Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is a family animation movie that teaches us a lot of good things in life. It is a story about a fish named Nemo who was captured by a dentist, and later found by his dad. The adventure across the big ocean makes the movie so interesting you can watch it more than twice. Well, at least I did because this movie is awesome.

Moral Of The Story: Marlin, Nemo’s dad is a very protective father who always care about his son. The whole story shows that kids should listen to their parents because all they do is to keep the kids safe. It also shows how wonderful teamwork is because doing things alone can be either difficult or unsuccessful. Friendship is one of the lesson that shows in Finding Nemo. And lastly, kids should be kind to animal, and Darla is the best example to tell the kids to avoid ended up like.

3. Happy Feet

Mumbles is the name is of an adorable penguin who lives in a emperor penguins colony. The tradition of the colony is singing the ‘heartsong’ to find mates. And Mumbles can’t sing, he’s terrible at it. But he can dance beautifully to express himself, but nobody appreciates him until he left.

Moral Of The Story: Happy Feet encourage children to accepts other people even if they are different. It also shows them that everyone has different talents, and all of us are unique in our own way. If your kids love to dance or sing, well you know this one is the best.

4. How To Train Your Dragon

Here we have one among the best movies from Pixar that is appreciated by a lot of audience. The story is about Hiccup, a scrawny and nerdy viking who is so clumsy among his clans. His dad is the chief of the village, and the best dragon slayer. Hiccup doesn’t even have muscles, therefore, he has slain none. Things begin to change when he met Toothless, one of the most powerful dragons.

Moral Of The Story: Despite the fact that everyone is a dragon slayer even the females, doesn’t mean you have to be one. The story shows that we shall not try to be something that we are not. Following the crowd and lost our true self is not what we should do in life. It also tells us to overcome our fears as well. Toothless is a Night Fury, one of the most fearful dragons. Hiccup helped him, and turned the fierce dragon to his side. And most importantly, just because you are skinny doesn’t mean you are not special!

5. Kung Fu Panda

A panda whose name is Po knew that he wanted to be somebody which he didn’t know how to. But things changed after he was chosen to be the Dragon Warrior. There have been many obstacles that he went through, but things are great at the end.

Moral Of The Story: Never give up is one main thing about the story. How can a Panda learn Kung Fu and become the hero of the village? That is because he never gives up his dreams. The story also teaches us not to judge people on their appearance as well. Since the master of of Kung Fu is a small Panda, Po tend to look down on him at first. Be humble and courage is the key lesson.

6. Minions

Minions are the cute little guys from the movie Despicable Me. And this movie is about the origin of how they have changed their leaders till they met Gru. The whole story is super funny and adorable, there will be able a lot of laughters.

Moral Of The Story: Minions teaches people to be themselves and don’t change to please other people. It also teaches us to look out for our friends and value our friendship as well no matter what happen. Well, since bananas are nutritious fruits, the movie might inspire the kids to eat healthy as well!

7. Monsters, Inc.

Monsters, Inc. is a funny animation movie about an industry that sends monsters to our world to scare kids at night. The purpose is to collect scream from the kids and use it as energy to power the whole industry. Then, Mike and Sully met Boo which turns the whole story into another twist.

Moral Of The Story: The thing is that this movie teaches us more than just monsters in the closet. Monsters, Inc. shows us how amazing teamwork is when it comes to dreams and achievements. And teamwork leads to friendship which everyone should value and appreciate. Most importantly, don’t judge the others. Mike is clearly a nerd, but he is just as special as the others in the industry.

8. Ratatouille

Takes place in France, the movie is about Remy, a rat who can cook amazing food courses. This animation movie involves Linguini, who is also the main character that cannot cook needs help from Remy. He hid the truth till he become famous before he revealed the secret behind his awesomely delicious food.

Moral Of The Story: ‘Anyone Can Cook’ proves that everyone can achieve their dreams when they put their heart into it. Also, it is a big world out there, we should be confident and brave if we want to reach our goals. People should believe in themselves and show others what they can do. Always value teamwork and stay ambitious. But most importantly, never give up.

9. Pinocchio

Old but gold, Pinocchio is an animation movie since the year of 1940, and it is still awesome. Parents should let their kids watch the movie and learn from it. Pinocchio is a movie about Geppetto, a lonely carpenter who decided to create a puppet. He then wished for the puppet to become a real boy, and the fairy granted his wish. There are a lot of things going on, and the movie teaches many things to the kids.

Moral Of The Story: We all know what the main lesson of Pinocchio is about never tell a lie, especially to your parents. Always tell the truth is the real moral story, because small lie can turn into big problems unexpectedly. It also teaches us to respect and obey our parents as well, and Pinocchio proves what would happen if we don’t. Lastly, always be brave, honest, and generous.

10. Up

Life is an adventure, and this is what Up is all about. The movie is so deep, it shows every corner of life from the young till old age. Up is a story about an old man, Carl, who travel in his flying house that tied to thousands of balloons. Along the way with him is Russell, a kid who is kind and passionate about adventure. From the beginning to the end, every second is worth watching.

Moral Of The Story: The movie tells us that life is an adventure, and life is too short to ignore all the fun out there. Follow your dreams, and you will become a happy person for doing what you want to do. And it is never too late or too old to set a goal and follow your heart and dreams. An old man who sailing in the air to Paradise Falls? Anything can happen if you put your heart into it.


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