10 Most Beautiful Forests In The World You Should See

image: Pixabay

Forests are the true beauty of nature, and these beautiful forests here will prove you why. Nothing is better than exploring the forests and life in there. These amazing forests do not only have a variety of trees but also views that will capture your attention. If you’d ask me, I’d say forests are the coolest place on earth. No traffic, no crowded people, just the wonderful sceneries and relaxing environment. If you want to know where the beautiful forests are, check this out. Let us know if you have even more beautiful forests to share with everyone.

1. Amazon Rainforest

Aerial view of the Amazon Rainforest
image: Wikimedia Commons

Where: South America

Here we have the biggest forest and rainforest in the world, the amazing Amazon Rainforest. The place is the combination of wildlife, nature, and mystery itself. You will find incredible biological diverse species there, if you explore in the whole place. Hire a guide, and your journey in this awesome forest will be the greatest experience to remember.

2. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

beautiful forests
image: Alexander De Leon Battista

Where: Kyoto, Japan

How about explore the bamboo forest? The cool thing about bamboos is they grow neatly and nicely in their rows. Since this bamboo forest is in Japan, of course everything is in the order of perfection. You can walk there and relaxingly experience the quiet and peaceful atmosphere this forest gives you.

3. Black Forest

image: Max Pixel

Where: Germany

Germany is the country that is full of awesome things to see, and this black forest is one of them. If you love hiking and nature, this is absolutely the place for you. There are trees, flowers, and everything created by our mother nature. The experience in black forest of Germany will be great.

4. Crooked Forest

Krzywy Las - Nowe Czarnowo 2
image: Wikimedia Commons

Where: Poland

Not every tree grows up straight, for example, these pine trees. There are more than 400 of these odd-looking trees in the forest, and it is probably the most unique. How the trees are grown to look and have shapes like that still remained in questions among people.

5. Daintree Rainforest

 beautiful forests
image: Daintree Rainforest Observatory

Where: Queensland, Australia

Known as the oldest tropical rainforest on earth, this forest has been existed millions years now. It is the true home a wide range of animals and wildlife in Australia like kangaroos, wallabies, and more.

6. Giant Sequoia National Monument

 beautiful forests
image: Pixabay

Where: California, the United States

The name of this place is after the majestic and gigantic Giant Sequoia Trees there. These trees are absolutely enormous and incredible, and they are worth your journey. Not many of them exist, so it is a great chance to witness this massive invention of nature.

7. Great Otway National Park

Beauchamp Falls, Great Otway National Park VIC
image: Wikimedia Commons

Where: Victoria, Australia

Where there is forest, there are waterfalls. This is an amazing rainforest that has incredible tree ferns, cackling kookaburras, and waterfalls. Once you get in there, you will see yourself surrounded by trees and the real nature. You might have the chance to see koalas as well, because Australia is full of them!

8. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Monteverde puente
image: Wikimedia Commons

Where: Costa Rica

Here is a huge tropical rainforest that is brings the pure beauty of nature for every visitor. Around 90% of the whole place is virgin forest, which means they are free from men’s destruction. There are not just trees there, you will also find almost 3,000 of plant species, and almost 700 animal species. There are many different types of wildlife including mammals, bird, reptile, amphibian, and more!

9. Olympic National Forest

Forks WA Hoh National Forest Trail
image: Wikimedia Commons

Where: Washington, the United States

Taking a walk in this forest is like taking you back to the era where trees and forests were everywhere. It is the rainforest that contains many old and incredible trees that show you the beauty of nature. Sometimes the trees don’t have to grow in rows to be beautiful, this is a great example of why.

10. Redwood National Park

 beautiful forests
image: Pixabay

Where: California, the United States

Almost half of this forest is covered by the amazing redwood that makes it the cool old-growth forest. Redwood is the type of tallest and most massive tree species in the world, and that makes it unique. The other half of the forest has the combination of other trees and plants that you can enjoy hiking through.


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