10 Animals That Eat Their Own Babies That You Might Never Know

animals that eat their own babies

They say nothing is bigger than a mom’s and dad’s love; strangely enough, that theory does not apply with every parent. In animal kingdom, there are parent animals that eat their own babies. Cruel, isn’t it? Since everything happens for a reason, you might want to look deeper into this act.

Today, we will talk about animals that eat their own babies unconditionally. Some may consume their youngs right after birth while others do it when their little ones grow. You will find 10 animals that eat their own babies in our list below. There are reasons and explanations attached to each case, let’s find out.


image: Pixabay

For bears, it is possible for both momma and papa bears to eat their own cubs with different reasons. For mother bears, they nurse their infants as usual after birth. However, if they sense that their young ones are unhealthy or deformed, they will kill and consume them. The case is also possible if there is not enough food to eat or to feed the young cubs.

As for daddy bears, specifically grizzly bears, are likely to kill anyone including their cubs on some conditions. Daddy bears are so protective over their territory, and they don’t hesitate to slay their own babies at all.

2Burrying Beetle

Not all of us know burrying beetles, but they are also one of the animals that eat their own babies as well. Let’s talk about how they feed their babies first so that it is easy to understand why. So the larvae of the burrying beetles live in a mouse carcass, and feed from the very mouse. The mom consumes the dead creature and regurgitates the meats to her kids.

If there is not enough meat for everyone, some of the babies have to go. Mom will feed the ones that get her attention first, and the rest will get eaten by their own mother. Yikes.


image: Pixabay

Chimpanzees are the closest to us speaking of origins and knowledge as well as intelligence. In some occasions, male chimpanzees will kill baby chimpanzees if they think those babies are not theirs. We can never how do they know if those babies are theirs. The most logical thing is if the male ‘thinks’ the baby is his, he is less likely to kill it.

There are also times when female chimpanzees kill and eat her own babies as well. There was a case when a mom chimpanzee have killed and eaten at least 10 babies within her community. How it happened and why, no scientists can explain yet.


image: Pixnio

Who would know that such cute and innocent can be this sinister and cruel? Hamsters are very famous for eating their own babies. A mother of a hamster normally eats at least 2 of her babies on average. That is because she wants to keep the number of her babies more manageable.

A hamster mom will keep only 7 baby hamsters at most in her place. Without this harsh sacrifice, the mom will not have enough energy or resource to feed and take care of her babies at all. Eating her own babies will provide 2 things: food and nutrition, and strength to manage other babies.


image: Pixabay

Being the king of the jungle and of the whole pride is not easy which is why a lion cub has to suffer a lot. If you notice, it is obvious that there are very few males in a pride. There are a few certain reasons why lion cubs are killed.

Adult male lions will kill the cubs of the previous leader of the pride as soon as they take over the position. They do that to show power as well as to maximize their mating opportunities.

If lucky, the lion cubs will be kicked out of the pride when they reach sexual maturity age by older males. If not, they will be killed when there is a lion that becomes the leader of the pride.


image: Max Pixel

There are 2 cases regarding mice eating their own babies. For the females who give birth for the first time, they might be panic seeing their babies. The confusion leads to stress which causes cannibalism with the babies. In another case, foreign smell will be there on the body of the pups if touched by someone or something. This also leads to the confusion to foreign objects which makes the mom feeds on her own kids.


image: Pixabay

You will never believe that a mommy panda could ever do such thing to her own cute babies. The unique thing about mama pandas is that they don’t kill and eat their own babies, but nothing better still. Since pandas usually have twins or more babies, and the mom can only care for one cub. The mom will choose one cub to take care of and ignore the others.

So basically, mommy panda favors the one who is strong while ignore the weaker ones. If we look into the nature, the source of bamboo is little which leads to food limitation for the mom. Less food equals less milk for more than one cub, so we cannot put the blame entirely on the mommy panda.

There are still moms that abandon their panda cubs in the zoo, but that is nothing worry about. Food in the zoo for panda cubs is abundant, and the milk is also enough to keep each and every cub alive.

8Polar Bear

image: Pixabay

You might ask why do polar bears eat their own babies, it is a rare occasion but here is why. Although it might not sound rational but it is the best example to show, the melting ice caps. As you can see, polar bears live in cold areas and feed on fish. When the ice caps are melting, their habitats and food also go as well.

When they find it harder to find good food, they will get starve and feast on their young ones. They do try to find other food alternatives, according to Jenny Ross the photographer. Some of them also try to get food from human garbage and human as food as well, it is just not enough. At some cases, polar bears even prey on seabirds and their eggs as well.

When those food options are not enough to keep them from hungry, they have no choice but to feast on their cubs. It is sad and shocking, but there is nothing we can do to stop global warming nowadays.


image: Pixabay

Rabbits are super cute and clean, and the mommy will do whatever it takes to keep her nest tidy. By whatever it takes, she would eat her newborn or weak babies especially when she senses predators nearby.

On top of that, mama bunny will also kill and eat her young if she is really stressed out, really thirsty, really hungry, or really cold. If you look at the good side, mommy bunny also takes good care of her children as well; if they not eaten.


Skinks are so protective of her eggs and babies, but there are situations that force to do differently. The main case is when there are way too many predators surrounding waiting to eat her babies. Why let those bastards kill your babies when you can do it so it hurts less?

Yup, the mama skinks will eat the eggs before they get a chance to hatch in order to protect them. The bad thing is that no matter if the chance of predators come in is high or not, the mother won’t let the eggs hatch. Things are bad like that when you are too protective, so.


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