22 Animals That Can Camouflage Perfectly In Their Environment

How many animals that can camouflage do you know? There are a lot of them in our planet, actually. But we will bring some for you today. In nature, there are many animals that have this kind of special gift that allows them to blend in perfectly. Some have the colors that make them look like objects around them. While the others resemble the objects themselves. I believe in our list today has a lot of animals that you have never seen before. Let’s play a game, shall we? Here are the photos of 22 animals that camouflage, and let’s see if you can spot them under 2 seconds. I bet you will spend at least 5 seconds for some photos!

1. Baron Caterpillar

Perfectly camouflaged…

2. Pygmy Seahorse

Where is the seahorse?

3. Tawny Frogmouth

animals that can camouflage

image: Vedoque

4. Leafy Sea Dragon 

5. Moth

6. Reef Stonefish

Where is the fist?

7. Dead Leaf Butterfly

animals that can camouflage

image: Nature Posts

8. Leaf Tailed Gecko

9. Owl

Nice skill there.

animals that can camouflage

image: Earth Porm

10. Katydid

Find Kaydid if you can 😛

11. Great Potoo

12. Stone Flounder

13. Gaboon Viper

animals that can camouflage

14. Frog

Do you see it?

15. Adelpha Serpa Selerio Caterpillar

animals that can camouflage

image: Imgur

16. Wolf Spider

It took me a while…

animals that can camouflage

image: imgur

17. Toads

How many toads can you see?

18. Uroplatus Geckos


animals that can camouflage

image: Alex Hyde

19. Dead Leaf Mantis

The body of this mantis is pure leaf alike. Without the eyes staring at you, you wouldn’t know that that is a mantis.

animals that can camouflage

image: Alex Hyde

20. Cuttlefish

21. Knobbly Crab Spider

It is not fun to know that a spider can camouflage this good. Imagine you lean on that tree…

animals that can camouflage

image: ListAmaze

22. Indonesian Mimic Octopus

They are good at both camouflaging and mimicking other creatures. 

animals that can camouflage

image: ListAmaze

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