21 Colorful Animals in the World

There are many colorful animals in the world that you might not know, so let’s talk about them today. From birds in the sky to reptiles on the ground, their beauty varies in their kind. Nature has brought these amazing animals with the gift of colors that make them unique and beautiful. However, some colorful animals are poisonous especially poison dart frogs. You can admire their beauty, but keep the distance. Here are 21 colorful animals in the world that you should see.

1. Golden Pheasant

colorful animals in the world

image: Pixabay

They are the beautiful birds covered with incredible feathers and colors. The most beautiful of them would be the Golden Pheasant. You can find them all over the world especially Asia.

2. Mandarin Duck

Mandarin duck is a perching duck species found in East Asia. They have the combination of several colors adorn their body from head to tail which is absolutely astonishing.

3. Mandarin Dragonet

colorful animals in the world

image: antsz1

And this is the small and brightly colored fish that swim in saltwater around Pacific.

4. Toucan

The special thing about Toucan is they have brightly marked and colorful bills that is unique than other birds.

5. Panther Chameleon

colorful animals in the world

image: Pixabay

Let’s count the color on panther chameleon. You will see vibrant blue, white, red, green, and orange. Together formed different color changing based on their moods. Yes, chameleon does not camouflage, their colors changes because of their moods.

6. Lilac Breasted Roller

This beautiful bird has different colors in their species. Some have lilac throat, while the others have lilac patch on their lower abdomen. But one way or another, they’re all adorable.

7. Poison Dart Frog

colorful animals in the world

image: Max Pixel

These frogs are so colorful yet dangerous. In nature, their colorful bodies are the warning to predators to know that they are not safe to eat. And you should not touch them either, just for extra safety. But yes, their colors are beautiful and attractive.

8. Velvet-Purple Coronet

They are the species of hummingbird family found in forest of West Andean slope in Colombia and north-western Ecuador. The colors of their feathers are like the armor and beautiful cloak covers their bodies.

9. California Red-Sided Garter Snake

colorful animals in the world

image: Rhyota

The easiest way to recognize this type of snake is the pattern of blue stripes on a black and red background. They have 3 stripes on their body, and they mostly live near bodies of water.

10. Nicobar Pigeon

It is the large pigeon with gray head which turns into green and copper hackles. They have short white tail, and the rest of the best is covered in metallic green. Just colorful in one word.

11. Sunset Moth

This moths are so popular among collectors because of their bright and colorful wings. Again, they are not butterflies, they’re moth but a colorful ones. And you find them in Mandagascar.

12. Grey Crowned Crane

Looks like a royal, this gray crowned crane has a crown of stiff golden feathers as their main beauty. Their throat pouch is bright red, they have white face, gray body, and black legs. The gray crowned cranes are the national bird that represents national flag of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

13. Southern Crowned Pigeon

Here is another beautiful bird with crown. This pigeon has bluish-gray plumage with elaborate blue lacy crests, and deep maroon red iris breast. Sadly, they are in threatened species because they are being tamed and heavily hunted for meat and plumes.

14. Peacock Mantis Shrimp

This is the beauty of saltwater that found in Indo-Pacific from Guam to East Africa. They are colorful, attractive, and dangerous at the same time. I’m gonna write in detail about them in the next article, stay tuned!

15. Mandrill

They don’t have colorful bodies, but they have colorful faces and butts. Mandrills are also the largest monkeys in monkey kingdom as well.

16. Peacock Spider

Male peacock spider has colorful and beautiful patterns on the upper surface of their abdomen. They can raise that abdomen to flaps or bristle during courtship. Female peacock spiders are not this colorful, and only male peacock spider dance. Yes, they dance. Funny and adorable.

17. Rainbow Boa

The great thing about rainbow boa is that their body reflects with light which creates rainbow colors on their scales. No matter if it is the sunlight or flashlight, you will see the bling bling!

18. Loch’s Chromodoris

This is the colorful sea slug that covers their body with bright blue color along with black and white stripes.

19. Parrotfish

Parrotfish comes in many different colors, but the most attractive would be this one. Looks like it is wearing a pink lipstick! And their body is pink and turquoise which is simply beautiful.

20. Lantern Bug

This bug’s head has a structure that resembles a snout this makes them look unique. They have colorful body and wings which add amazing beauty to them.

21. Weedy Seadragon

This is seahorses’ cousin 😀 Seadragon has reddish color along with purple and yellow markings on their body. They can swim better because they have a long dorsal fin along their back and little flappy fin for balance.

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