16 Birds That Can See At Night

It is absolutely difficult for human to survive the night without any light source. However, these nocturnal birds aka birds that can see at night have amazing night vision. They treat nighttime just like daytime without a problem. These birds use their gift in different tasks like hunting or migrating. When the night comes, they start their missions. Some fly afar while the others hunt around their home. Also, nocturnal birds rest during daytime while camouflaging in the trees or burrows. They are likely to feel threatened in the daylight which result in tame and calm behavior. I believe you already know some of these birds. Take a look at this list, and you will see 16 common nocturnal birds that rule the night.

1. Ashy Storm-Petrel

2. Frogmouth

This is another specie of owl, so basically their vision at night is great. And Frogmouths are so funny looking.

3. Kakapo

This is a flightless bird dwelling at night, their night vision is great.

4. Kiwi

birds that can see at night

image: denisbin

5. Little Penguin

6. Night-Heron 

7. Night Parrot

birds that can see at night

8. Nightjar

birds that can see at night

image: Wikipedia

9. Nighthawk 

10. Owlet-Nightjar

This bird is like a combination of an owl and a nightjar. They hunt at both nights and days, so they have no problem flying at nights.

birds that can see at night

image: Ron Knight

11. Owl

Owls are like the king of the night. When the sun sets, they start their mission. Some hunt around their nests, while some others go further. 

birds that can see at night

image: Max Pixel

12. Pauraque 

13. Poorwill 

14. Potoo

For some reasons, a potoo looks similar to an owl but smaller. They have those big googly eyes that make nigh vision a piece of cake.

15. Stone-Curlew

16. Woodcock

birds that can see at night

image: Fyn Kynd

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